Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial  

"The completion of this monument will greatly assist the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education in meeting the educational and legislative mandate that all students must learn about the Holocaust and genocide.  I can envision many school groups visiting the memorial. . . . The thousands of people each day that pass and view the monument will learn, care and hopefully do something about genocide and prejudice today."   

Dr. Paul B. Winkler, Executive Director New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education


"I wish to express support for your proposal for a memorial to the Holocaust to be built along the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

If effectively designed, your memorial can serve as a way to educate the millions of annual visitors to Atlantic City on the enduring impact of the Holocaust and apply its lessons to contemporary issues of prejudice and moral decision making.

It is encouraging that you have been able to amass a diverse group of local supporters for this project and it gives one hope that the Holocaust - and the brutality that humankind inflicted upon itself - is never forgotten."

Abraham Foxman, National Director Anti-Defamation League


"We have witnessed in recent years an increase in the establishment of memorials to the victims of the Holocaust around the world.  As those who bore direct witness to this tragedy now pass from the scene, it is all the more important to insure that future generations will not forget.  These memorials serve as an important reminder.

With the approval you have received from the Atlantic City council, it will be possible for you and your colleagues to establish a Holocaust Memorial at a location that will be visited by millions of visitors each year.  It is surely a very special opportunity.

On behalf of the American Jewish committee let me wish you success in this important endeavor."

Rabbi Andrew Baker, Director of International Jewish Affairs


"On behalf of the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Museum of Tolerance, I want to congratulate you on the establishment of a Holocaust Memorial in Atlantic City.  Particularly in these times, when the enemies of the Jewish people want to destroy Jewish life, as we just saw by the attack on the Chabad House in Mumbai- there can be no greater educational message to Jews that 63 years after Auschwitz, Jews are still subjected to threats of annihilation.

My blessings to all involved in this very worthy project."

Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance